Tuesday, 15 February 2011


I came to Indonesia in the year 2010, in the month of June. I stayed for almost three weeks and went back to my beloved country India. I came back again in the last week of September and stayed for almost 2 month. This time again i am back to (now) my second home Indonesia. 

My first visit to Indonesia was good, and i achieved what i intended to, in my assignment. I tried my level best to see places, but did not have many opportunities to do so. I had a bit of Jakarta,Semarang,Salatiga,Solo and Yogjakarta ,all in Java. In the second visit i mostly stayed in Jakarta as not much travelling was needed. By the second visit i started liking the place and people. I decided to have more of it and initaited learning the language with the help of my exceptionally talented Indonesian colleague. I also started to roam around and interacting with people. It was and it still is a great learning experience. Now i am travelling a lot ....able to see,absorb and experience Indonesia. I wish to share my learnings with people who are in some way or another associated (or like to get associated ) with Indonesia. I will be sharing mostly about: 
  1. My experiences and experiments with food (i am a vegetarian)
  2. Travelling to new places 
  3. A few important lessons in Bahasa Indonesia
  4. Learnings of the day (only if i learnt)
  5. Love and sentiments for of Indonesian people for Shahrukh Khan and other actors from Indian Hindi Film Industry 
  6. and off course lot of Interesting photos.  
To initiate with, i am sharing with you all the photograph of Gunungan or Kekayon. This is a traditional representation of universe in Javanese way. This also symbolises the beginning of every play.Well, i am not able to attach the photograph ....internet is very slow.....will tell about it tomorrow.  

Thank you for reading.Selamat Malam!

Postscript : Selamat Malam means Good Night in Bahasa Indonesia. 

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