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When You Are In Yogyakarta (Jogja)

Kedai Di Jamoer,Spesial Masakan Jamur No 2 Di Indonesia
In this piece I will be writing about maximisation of benefits over ‘expense’ and ‘available time’ during your stay in Yogyakarta. I sentences below I will be covering little details about Jogja, must see places, where to go for shopping, and eating joints to get good vegetarian food. I will also be writing about some delicious (mouth watery… yummy) vegetarian Indonesian evening snacks.
Jogja is in central java island of Indonesia. The place is paradise for travellers - you can explore beaches, ancient temples, gala shopping complexes, inexpensive pasar (local markets), and volcanic mountain (mount Merapi and Merabu). It is said that Yogyakarta was the centre of ancient Mataram dynasty. The kingdom built Borobudur temple, the biggest temple in the world – it is said that the erstwhile temple was 6 km long….hard to imagine.
For shopping, I recommend Mirota Batik Store in Jalan Malioboro. The place is great to buy souvenirs, handmade bags (range is huge ….from laptop bags to ladies handbag), aromatic oils and incense sticks. In the section of aromatic oils, you can easily locate imported Bharat Darshan Agarbatties (incense sticks). I had been to the place twice ,every time I bought quite a lot of things and never paid more than Rp.400,000 (equivalent to Rs 2,000). It’s a fixed price store, so no bargaining. It is at Jl. Ahmad Yani No. 9 of Malioboro Street.
Pasar Beringgharjo is the place to buy batik – this is a tradtional market, there you can find a lot of things,like batik cloths,wooden batik toys, inexpensive but lovely shoes and traditional medicines. Hey do not get excited… you first need to know the language (at least primary level) to bargain. If you are able to do so ….thanks heaven..surely you may get authentic batik at a much lesser price. If you are not conversant in Bahasa Indonesia find a company….well, if you do not have one, better buy batik from Mirota Batik Store. I liked the designs there but did not like the fitting. Yeah, if you can afford to go a little higher then definitely you can get better stuff. 
Nasi Oseng 2 Jamoer with Sup Jamoer Tiram
Dining Out
Indonesia is a food paradise for non vegetarians. Maaf , Indonesia is not for vegetarians, we do not have much choice here. If you are in a restaurant, please do not place order before checking with the staff (I assume, you are an outsider like me, and can not comprehend the meaning of words written in the menu card) – most know about vegetarian concept ( food made of grains,legumes,beans and vegetables...excluding meat,fish and egg), they will tell you about ingredients used and what exactly to choose in the menu. Let me assure, you will not have many options to choose. I liked to eat at Kedai Jamoer, it is near Komplax Colombo. The vegetarian food was inexpensive (Rp.15,000 with orange juice), very tasty, and healthy as was slowly cooked. I used to eat rice with freshly sautéed mushroom and a bowl of mushroom vegetable herb soup. Depot Vegetarian Lusidus, Pertokoan Babarsari No.21 and Kedai Jamur,Samping Jogja Expo Center is worth trying. A friend of mine recommended Loving Hut Vegan in Tamansari Food Court. For evening snacks I recommend Singong, Tape, Combro and fried Pisang (bananas). Nyong Mendoan is a lovely place to eat all of them, you may also to try their Tahu Aci and Misro Singkong. Please give a look to the photos below… all are from eating joint Nyong, address is Jl.Mosez G.K.,Demangan Baru near university Senatana Dharma. 
Nyong Mendoan: Indonesian Hospitality
 I will write about rest later.Thank you for reading!
Made from Cassava ,I liked the taste 

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